Is Bespin Our Best Colonization Option?

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Chris Lites over at the Omni Reboot blog addresses the proposal by Charlie Stross that Venus may be a better target than Mars for human colonization efforts.

There is a Godilocks spot some fifty miles above the surface of Venus. Not too cold, not too hot and with a pressure equal to Earth, this area provides what may just be humanity’s best bet for permanent colonization of another world… or space. This idea was recently resurrected by noted science fiction author Charles Stross in a blog post suggesting billionaires ought to pay for a floating city in the Venusian atmosphere.

While this may seem unlikely, there are plenty of good reasons to look to Venus as a colonial outpost.  The Venus Colonization Wikipedia provides justification for such a project as an escape hatch if Earth becomes uninhabitable.

One can also imagine that the two major continents, Ishtar Terra in the north, covering an area approximately the size of Australia, and the Africa-sized Aphrodite Terra in the south, would, by virtue of the extreme Volcanic activity, be a source of similar minerals as Earth.  Creating floating “mining platforms” that served as a terraforming base could allow rapid exploitation of these resources in a relatively short period of time and provide the necessary economic motivation for investors to progress such a project.






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