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Enterprise to Launch for real in 2050?

Enterprise to Launch for real in 2050?

June 6, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

From Kurzweil AI - CERN physicists trap antimatter for 1,000 seconds.  Let’s look at the checklist, shall we?

1.  Antimatter successfully generated?  Check

2.  Antimatter successfully stored?  Check (Not as sexy as dilithium crystals, but we’ll take it).

3.  Interstellar drydock constructed in geocentric orbit?  Kinda check.

4.  Shatner and Nimoy still alive?  Double check!

Here’s the money quote:

So what about using those matter-antimatter explosions for energy? That’s 30 to 40 years away, condensed matter physicist Dr. Andrew Beckwith, Dept. of Physics, Chongqing University in China, told me, based on scuttlebutt from Berkeley Lab researchers. Good, just in time for the Singularity. So will that solve our energy problems? “No, this would be even more dangerous than nuclear energy for use on Earth,” he said, “but  it could be used for propulsion in an interplanetary or interstellar spaceship.”