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John Carter Mega-Post

John Carter Mega-Post

July 14, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

Starting with a gorgeous new trailer. According to our friends at io9, the music is Peter Gabriel covering Arcade Fire.


And yes, there are Tharks! But I really like the subtlety with which Disney is approaching the marketing. They’ve taken “of Mars” out of the title and given it a very Victorian period piece feel. I think that might bring in audiences who might not imnmediately flock to a movie having giant four-armed green men from Mars, among many other things.

And in a wide-ranging summary that includes some gorgeous photos, io9 gives you a soup to nuts account of the on-set goings on and a brief primer on Barsoom. Can’t wait to get some stills of Woola. John Carter will be out on March 9, 2012!!!!